Why this campaign?

Mental health is worth talking about! The «How are you?» campaign raises awareness of it and gives very specific tips.

Mental illnesses affect all of us to one extent or another: one person in every two suffers from mental illness once in their lives. It brings much sorrow to sufferers and those close to them, leading to absences from work and healthcare costs. Money spent on preventing mental illnesses and promoting mental health is thus well spent.

The campaign encourages people to talk about mental problems.

Talking about it is important

Talking about problems brings relief, and makes help possible. This is important, because the longer mental stress persists, the greater the danger that it will turn into a serious illness. And also: the sooner an illness is treated, the more effective the healing process.

The campaign highlights the fact that mental health can be promoted.

Promoting mental health

The mind, just like the body, can be strengthened and maintained. As well as specific conversation tips, the campaign provides more inputs for the promotion of mental health.

The campaign raises awareness of support services.

Help is possible

Mental illnesses are eminently treatable. Offers of assistance are publicized as part of the campaign.

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