Tip Bild

Stay in touch

Friendship gives you security and stability. Friends are people you can argue with and then make up with. Intimate subjects are treated in confidence. They can criticize you, but still let you be what you are. Friendships sometimes get lost in the course of a lifetime. They can often be revived, or new friendships emerge.

What's your situation?

  • Who do you like spending time with? Who don't you like spending time with? Who makes you feel good?
  • Does the way you live your life leave any time for friends and family?
  • When did you last contact your best friend?
  • When and where did you last meet somebody nice? Could that be repeated?

A few suggestions:

  • Introduce shared practices. You might always go bowling with friends on the first Monday in the month, or go to the cinema with a friend every two weeks.
  • Pick up the phone and call somebody you haven't seen for a while.
  • Keep a diary of agreeable encounters.
  • If you have a nice thought about someone, don't keep it to yourself.
  • Write a thank-you letter to somebody whom you have never properly thanked.
  • Find new contacts – join a club, for example.