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Get involved

Getting involved means contributing your strengths, interests, wants and knowledge to a task, a project – and thus also to a community. Being part of a community and experiencing solidarity are among the most important experiences in life. Voluntary involvement in a community has been shown to increase well-being.

What's your situation?

  • Is there a group in which you feel accepted and valued?
  • How could you get involved in your community?
  • Is there a community, an association, an organization that you'd like to get involved in?

A few suggestions:

  • Look around. Who in the family or the neighbourhood would be glad of your help?
  • You might register as a volunteer with a local association, the blood donor service, a football club or a school function. The local authority or neighbourhood centre can give you information about organizations in your area. You can also find opportunities for voluntary work at benevol-jobs.