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Get creative

There is creativity in all of us. By doing something creative you can actively express something that was initially a passive impression. A lot of people are characterized by longings, thoughts, anxieties and needs that they struggle to express in words. Doing creative things can help to bring these out. Creativity gives us a counterweight to the many tensions that hem us in. Many people find that creating new outdoor spaces or making music together are especially relaxing, finding them to be a personal source of strength.

What's your situation?

  • Where can you enjoy life creatively?
  • What are you especially good at? (e.g. cooking, singing, painting, repairs, gardening, carpentry, sewing, fine arts)
  • When and how often do you make time for creative activity?

A few suggestions:

  • Give your balcony or your car a make-over.
  • Build a garden shed or a new kitchen table.
  • Write about your life, or do something with all those photographs you have.
  • Sign up for a course on painting, pottery or sewing.

There are no limits to your imagination.